As summer starts to loom many homeowners are on the hunt for a cooling system to add to their home or investment. Evaporative cooling in Epping is a popular choice. It is an older form of cooling but it still has many advantages over the more modern cooling systems.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Essentially, an evaporative cooling system pushes the hot outside air through water filled filter pads in the system. The water evaporates into the warm air, lowering the temperature and causing a rise in the humidity. It is best used in a region with dry hot summers, like Melbourne, as opposed to regions that see high humidity during summer.

There are two main factors in ensuring your evaporative cooling system in Epping works correctly. Firstly, you need to make sure that there is enough water in the system to keep the filter pads saturated at all times. Secondly, regular maintenance and servicing of the fan and motor can extend the lifespan of your cooling system.

8 Reasons for Evaporative Cooling in Epping

1. Once installed, an evaporative cooling system is relatively inexpensive to run

2. Similarly priced for installation to a standard split system or reverse cycle air conditioner

3. Provides a constant supply of cooled fresh air into the home

4. The filter pads in the system trap some levels of pollen and dust which makes these systems allergy friendly

5. Environmentally friendly as the system works on fresh air simply being cooled by water

6. Easy to maintain and parts are generally not expensive to replace when broken

7. Allows you to keep windows and doors open – this allows you to keep fresh air flowing through your house. In other systems where you need to keep the house closed, the air can become stagnant

8. Evaporative coolers are quiet – generally they are so quiet, you won’t hear them running

If you’re considering installing evaporative cooling in your Epping home, speak to the professionals – Beyond Heating and Cooling. Our friendly and experienced team can help keep you and your family comfortable this summer with installation and maintenance of an evaporative cooling system in Epping.