As winter creeps in, it’s important to get your heating system in Epping sorted. But the kind of heating system you choose will depend on not only your budget but also your house style and what you are looking for in a heating system. Beyond Heating and Cooling supply and install a number of heating systems that can help you stay warm this winter.

Choosing the Best Heating System in Epping

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air-conditioning is a popular option for many homeowners in Victoria. Ducted air-con allows you to use the same system in both winter and summer, and with options to run the ducting under the floor or across the ceiling, you can choose an option that looks great in your home.

Installing ducted heating systems takes a little planning as it is important to get the right system for your home. Because the units vary in size and capacity, we need to ensure to take accurate measures of the area of your home, the dimensions of the rooms and the number of stories in your house. This then allows our technicians to calculate the heat/cool load, resulting in a customised ducting layout for your home. We need to know of any changes you may be planning to make to your home, as this can change the heating requirements and layout.

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating systems are a cost-effective method to quickly heat a home. Often considered to be the “hottest heat” available on the market, gas ducted heating is often installed outside, in the roof space or under the main flooring. Using natural gas burners and with the ability to zone sections of your home, gas ducted heating is energy efficient. You also have the option to add on a cooling system which means you can both heat and cool your home through the same systems of ducting.

Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning

Reverse cycle air-conditioning is another option that does similar to ducted heating systems. Reverse cycle systems allow you to both heat and cool, however, you can heat or cool the entire house off one system. Ducts for a reverse cycle air-con system are usually out of direct sight, sitting in the roof space, walls or in cabinets.

Split System Air Conditioning

Popular in investment properties and in homes that don’t have the budget or space for a ducted system, split system air conditioners heat and cool. You will require a wall unit in each room that you want to be heated, so its a great option if you only want to heat the family room or the main bedroom, this is a good option. If you have multiple rooms to be heated, you can choose to go with single units each with their own outside unit, or running multiple internal units from the single outside unit.

It is important to choose the right size system for the area you want to heat and cool. The team at Beyond Heating and Cooling can assist in ensuring you have the right size system.

If you’re looking for a new heating system in Epping this winter, Beyond Heating and Cooling are ready to help. Contact today and get a heating system installed before it gets too cool.