Winter is here, and if you are still considering a heating system for your home, Beyond Heating and Cooling can help with your Reservoir heating system. With so many options to choose from to heat your home, you may be wondering what the best option is to meet your needs and your budget. We’ve put together a short guide on the different types of Reservoir heating options.

What Reservoir Heating System Suits your Home? 

Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems

Reverse cycle ducted systems are a good option if you want to be able to choose which rooms you want to heat and cool. A ducted system makes it easy to heat the room you are using, while saving you electricity on heating rooms you aren’t using. A reverse cycle ducted system can be set up on a timer meaning you won’t need to come home to a cold house. With vents in the ceiling or floor, these systems can be easily hidden, unlike bulky indoor units.

Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Reverse cycle split systems are often used in homes where there isn’t the room, nor the budget, for a ducted heating system. You can install internal heads to numerous rooms, and these systems can help save on heating costs. With a 24 hour programmable timer, a Reverse Cycle Split System allows you to heat each room to individual preferences, so no complaining from the family about being too hot or too cold. Single head units are perfect when you want to heat one room or a small house or unit, while a multi-head unit allows you to run more than one system on just the one outdoor unit, which can save  you space and money.

Gas Ducted Heating

If you are only looking for a Reservoir heating system, a gas ducted heating system may be the best choice. Utilising natural gas instead of electricity, you can zone your house allowing you to switch heating on and off to the rooms you need. If you want to utilise a gas system, but also want a cooling option, we have an add-on cooling system available.

When you need a Reservoir heating system for your home, call the team at Beyond Heating and Cooling. We’ll get you sorted with the best heating system to suit your needs and your budget.