It may not feel like it but summer isn’t too far away and now is the time to choose cooling systems in Epping. Installing a cooling system in winter is often much more cost effective and you’ll usually get it installed a lot quicker than in the summer months. But when it comes to choosing a cooling system, how do you know what will work best in your home?

How to Decide on Cooling Systems in Epping

The type of cooling system you install in your home will be dependent on the style of your home and what your cooling needs are. If you only need something in the main family room, then a split system or reverse cycle air conditioner may be the best option. On the other hand, if you want cooling throughout the house, then ducted may be a good choice.

Split System or Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Depending on how many rooms you are looking at cooling, you could install multiple internal head units with the one outside unit, or each internal unit could have its own external unit. These systems are best for those who aren’t planning any major renovations or extensions of the home, and where they are hung is important in ensuring the best airflow through the room.

Beyond Heating and Cooling can provide you with professional advice as to the best location for your split system or reverse cycle system based on your needs.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted cooling (and heating) is highly sought after in the Epping area; it certainly makes it a lot easier to cool the rooms you want, while saving money by not cooling rooms you aren’t using. Ducted units vary in size and capacity and it does take a good technician to work out the size of the system you need. Choosing the right size system is important – too small and the area won’t cool sufficiently and too large and you are just wasting power.

When you use Beyond Heating and Cooling, one of our technicians will take measurements of the area of your home, including the number of stories, to help us work out the heat/cool load for your home. Once this is done, we can then design the ductwork layout for your home.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

One of the big benefits to evaporative cooling is that it suits the moderately low humidity that we get here in Victoria. These systems bring fresh air in from outdoors and can help reduce the dryness in the air that contribute to dry skin, sore throats and skin sensitivities.

The size of the system you will need will depend on the number of rooms and the size of your building. Evaporative cooling systems are good for homeowners looking to keep installation and running costs to a minimum.

When you’re looking to install cooling systems in Epping, you can’t go past the professional and experienced team at Beyond Heating and Cooling. We can help you choose the right system for your home. Organise your free quote today.