Ducted heating is a popular option in Victoria, where the temperature often drops quite low in winter. However, it is often the costs of ducted heating installations in Lalor that puts home owners off. But, like everything, the price  depends on a variety of things including:

  • The type of system you install
  • Whether you require a reverse cycle system (i.e cools as well as heats)
  • Whether you need zoning (the ability to turn on and off certain rooms)
  • The size of the system you install

Costs can tend to start from around the $3000 mark but a ducted heating system can save you money in the long run, especially when you add in a zoned system. How does this work? Ducted heating will heat your entire home off the one system, and when zoned, you can choose which rooms you want heated and when. Compared to running multiple reverse cycle air conditioners or oil heaters throughout the house, a ducted system may save you money long term.

Ducted Heating Installation Process

We often get asked how long the installation is for a ducted heating system. Generally, your system will be installed in the one day.  But, the installation process is completely hassle free for you.

The installation process starts when we do your quote. We’ll take the relevant measurements so that we can work out the most efficient layout for the vents and ducting in your home to provide maximum heating. Every installation we do is customised to an individual home, so we’ll take the time to talk to you about where the system can do (under floor or in the roof), where the best place is for the thermostat and the size of the unit.

Melbourne is known for delivering four seasons in one day so during installation, we continually check that every facet and function is operating as it should be. Before we pack up, we’ll ensure you know how your new system works, how to control the indoor temperature and how to work your zoning system if installed.

Beyond Heating and Cooling offer a range of ducted heating systems for installation in your home or office, and with our free quoting offer, we’ll make sure you get the system that best suits your needs. We go above and beyond expectations with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship, and a 24/7 post-installation support to efficiently support any maintenance issues or queries.

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