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Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne

Ducted air-conditioning has become highly sought after in modern times. By using ducted air-conditioning, you have the ability to use the same unit during winter and summer and they can be placed across ceilings or under the flooring. The ducts are positioned strategically around your home or business and the cold or warm air circulates through those ducts, regulating as required to a comfortable temperature.

The units vary in size and capacity. To ensure accuracy, measurements including area, number of stories in the home or office and dimensions are important prior to installation. This is engineered by our technicians and is called a heat/cool load calculation which is then presented as an individual duct work layout for your home or office.

It is important to choose the right system for your home or office. Issues sometimes arise when building plans change, for example when extensions and additional stories are added. This doubles the coverage area for ducts and the power cannot be sustained unless careful engineering and re-structuring/zoning options are further considered. We can assist you with this process if need be.

The equipment varies in size and power across several models. Accurate requirements need to be known in terms of area, the number of stories and dimensions. The plan for the duct system would then be designed and discussed accordingly.

How does the ducted air-conditioning system work?

During Summer, the hot air inside the room passes over a coil in the refrigeration system and transfers that heat to the internal chilled coil and therefore produces cool air into your home or office. The reverse cycle part of the system indicates that the system can change the flow of refrigerant and therefore create a heating output as opposed to a cooling output as desired.

A filtration system ensures that only clean air is circulated, therefore keeping your home dust and allergen free.

While such systems may be cost-effective, power bills escalate unless an inverter is used to control the compressor speed, Beyond Heating and Cooling only uses inverter technology to suit you home or office. Some structured planning helps focus the ducts on busy areas in the home or office, therefore achieving greater sustainability.

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