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Evaporative Cooling Systems

A vast range of evaporative cooling systems according to building size and number of rooms is available. Evaporative air coolers and evaporative systems will benefit homes and offices that are required to keep the installation and running costs to a minimum.

One of the advantages of evaporative air-conditioning is that the fresh outside air reaches indoors. When warm air is present in the rooms, doors and windows need to be left slightly ajar so that the warm air can escape outside when the cool air flows in through the ducts. Evaporative cooling units normally sit on the top of your home.  They are a popular choice for Victorians as they suit the moderately low humidity in the environment.

Evaporative systems also help to reduce dryness of skin, sore throats and skin sensitivities. Ducted evaporative cooling systems continually use outside air to cool the home, reducing the chances of these sensitivities. It also helps to ensure indoor plants will be kept energised and scents will be cleared away.

How do evaporative cooling systems work?

Evaporative Cooling Systems take away the complexity of refrigerants and coils. Ducts provide a passage for the cool / humidified air to circulate through the building. It contains a wetting medium that cools the external air and circulates the same through the building via ducts, evaporation results in the cooling of the air. The system of ducts is usually located above the ceiling and it may not be necessary for every room to have ducts therefore keeping most of the energy for the busy areas.

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