Are you thinking of upgrading your air conditioning unit, or installing one for the first time? If so, you may automatically go for the most common option of reverse-cycle air conditioning. And for many people this is a great option. But there is another solution to cool your home: evaporative cooling.

How does it work?

Evaporative cooling is really the same principle as a cooling sea breeze. When air travels over the ocean, it is cooled down, resulting in a cool sea breeze. In an evaporative cooling system, air is pushed through pads soaked in cool water. This cools the air down, which can then circulate through your home to cool it down effectively.

What are the benefits?

Evaporative cooling has many benefits that are different to those of the traditional air conditioning unit.

  • It is much cheaper to run than other types of cooling
  • It uses a lot less energy
  • The humidity produced in evaporative cooling can be helpful for those that get dry skin or sore throats from traditional air conditioning
  • Air is sucked in from outside, so there is always fresh air being pushed into your home.

Just like any air conditioning unit, evaporative cooling will be more suited to some environments than others. For example, it is more suited to climates with lower relative humidity, as the air must be dry enough to absorb water to effectively become cool.

Beyond Heating and Cooling offer evaporative and reverse cycle cooling methods, among others. So they are well placed to advise you on what will be the best way to cool your home down for summer.