There’s nothing like coming indoors on a hot day to a cool, air conditioned home. It can really make the summer heat more bearable, especially at night. So how do you make the most of your cooling systems in Epping? Here are our tips to use your cooling systems effectively and save money on your electricity bill.

Close doors and windows

It might seem obvious, but the biggest thing you can do to keep that precious cool air inside is to keep your doors and windows closed. You probably aren’t leaving the front door wide open, but have you checked all the windows? Even a small opening can be enough to let cool air escape, lowering the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Use zones

If you don’t need to cool an area of your home, seal it off from the air conditioned area. For example, if you have a spare bedroom, close the door so that the cool air isn’t wasted on the unused space. You’ll find the areas you do want to use will cool down much quicker.

Use timers

Modern air conditioners have timer systems, and it’s worth getting to know how to use them. Instead of blasting the air conditioner on high to cool your house down when you get home, set a timer to have it come on a few hours beforehand. This way, you can use a lower setting, so it uses less energy, and cools your house more effectively.
The team at Beyond Heating and Cooling can give you more advice on how to maximise your air conditioner. They can help you find the right air conditioner for your home, too.