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When considering the best heating system for your home or office, most people choose between either a gas ducted heating system or split systems.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Our expert heating installers can provide you with advise on the best solution for you.

Our Heating Systems Include:

  • Ducted heating

  • Reverse cycle single-head split systems

  • Reverse cycle multi-head split systems

Gas Ducted Heating

Ducted heating has become highly sought after in modern times. By using ducted heating, you have the ability to use the same unit during winter and summer and they can be placed across ceilings or under the flooring.

The ducts are positioned strategically around your home or business and the warm or cold air circulates through those ducts, regulating as required to a comfortable temperature.

A very high-quality product whilst remaining cost effective. It uses natural gas to run and is one of the quickest ways to heat your home, it is considered a product with the “hottest heat” on the market. We offer the option to zone off rooms not in use therefore saving money on running costs.

Outside, in the roof space, or underneath the main flooring is ideal to install gas ducted heating, but it can essentially be installed anywhere.

This system acts as a heating unit which is run by ignition of natural gas burners. The heating unit and the burners proceed to get extremely hot. It continues as the fan passes ambient air past the hot burners and down a series of ducts into your home or office. The outlets are strategically positioned by our team, ensuring it covers your desired areas.

The system will be installed in your home or office and will align with the national safety standards.

We also offer the option to install an add on cooling system. It is a refrigerated system and works in conjunction with the heating. Warm air is blown into the vents, the condensing unit contains refrigerant in the coils and allows cool air to be blown from the same ducts. This essentially means you can receive warm and cool air from the same system of ducts. You can enjoy the comfort and efficiency of gas-ducted heating, while also having the luxury of a cooling system providing clean, filtered refrigerated air.

Split & Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling

Split System Air-Conditioning is a wise choice, depending on the number of rooms, either a single unit per room or a multiple-head for several rooms would take care of both cooling and heating requirements. Several rooms could enjoy the benefits of controlled temperature settings with a multi-head system.

Problems frequently arise when there are building extensions or alterations. The split system would have been originally planned with a nominated space in mind. It is vitally important to determine where the internal unit be installed and decide if the unit will bet be wall hung or completely hidden.

Reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning refers to a model that has both heating and cooling functions. A reverse-cycle model is able to cool or heat one or more adjoining rooms. This refers to refrigeration being able to change through a series of processes from hot to cold.

Beyond Heating and Cooling will provide you with professional advice regarding the best course of action. We would recommend the most appropriate unit and ensure the system is installed and working with minimal fuss.

Split systems have two components to the system, one being the internal wall hung unit and the other the external unit. They are linked together with refrigeration lines and interconnecting electrical wiring.

When installed correctly both the internal unit and the external work in unison to provide reverse cycle (heating and cooling) refrigerated air to your home or office.

The refrigerant is pumped through the conjoining copper piping to either chill or heat up the indoor coil. Once this is achieved the internal unit passes air past this hot or cold coil and therefore creates the perfect climate inside your home or office.

Beyond Heating and Cooling will engineer the correct kilowatt rated split system to the area that is needed and show you exactly how to use this system.

Get in touch with Beyond Heating and Cooling today for a no obligation free quote and genuine advice on the best solutions for you.

We promise no hidden costs and our work is 100% guaranteed and includes post installation support.

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