It gets rather chilly in Reservoir over winter, and although we are still in summer, now is the time to start getting your heating systems installed. Don’t wait until near winter when everyone else is getting their heating systems serviced and installed– save time and do it early.

What Heating System is Best?

There are a couple of different systems for homeowners looking to install or replace their heating systems.

  • Ducted air conditioning is an option for those looking for heating or cooling throughout the entire house. You can use the same unit year-round, and ducts will be placed strategically around the home, allowing the air to circulate.
  • Gas ducted systems are high quality yet cost effective. Using natural gas to heat the home, you can zone off rooms that aren’t in use, saving on running costs. Gas ducted heating can also be installed anywhere in the home from in the roof space to underneath the flooring in the lounge area.
  • Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is popular with those looking to heat smaller spaces rather than the entire house. Much more cost effective to install, these systems have heating and cooling functions and can push warm and cool air through the house.
  • Split system air conditioning is a good option when you want to be able to control the temperature in individual rooms. Available with single or multiple internal units, it is imperative you choose a system that is the right size for the room it is heating or cooling.

 Beyond Heating and Cooling can help you with your heating systems in Reservoir. We offer free quotes and evaluations and can help you understand the best option to meet your budget and your needs. Upon installing a unit, we will check each area as we go, and before we leave, we’ll give you a rundown on how to use your new heating system. Contact us today.