With winter quickly approaching it’s time to think of installing ducted gas heating in Plenty. Ducted gas heating is a great option if you’re looking to heat your entire home and be able to choose which rooms to heat. But this isn’t the only benefit to installing ducted heating in your home.

Benefits to Installing Ducted Gas Heating in Plenty

Instant Heating throughout Your Home

Unlike some other heating options, ducted gas heating heats up quickly. It can heat up every room in your house via ceiling or floor vents, or using a zoning system, you can just heat up the rooms you need. These systems also allow you to keep the aesthetics of your room – no need for bulky overheads. These systems can be easily installed in a new home or designed to fit your current layout.

Energy Efficient

Ducted heating provides consistent heat no matter the temperature outside which means no need for the system to be consistently over-working to heat the room. Gas systems are rather efficient now as well which helps save money on your bills while ensuring your house stays comfortably warm.

Zoning for Energy Savings

One of the most popular reasons for installing ducted gas heating is that these systems can be zoned. This means that you can heat the rooms you need to, while not wasting energy heating the rooms you aren’t using.

Easy Control System

Unlike some reverse cycle systems, where you need a remote for each unit, ducted heating is controlled by a single control panel allowing you to increase or decrease the temperature in each room (if zoned) or across your house as needed.

Air Quality

One of the big benefits of ducted heating is that it doesn’t dry the air out. Dry air tends to cause breathing issues and discomfort, affecting people with medical issues such as asthma. The central heating unit is outdoors which means no fumes coming into the house, and the air passes through filters before coming into the house which contains any large particles of irritants and the like.

If you are thinking of installing ducted gas heating in Plenty this winter, call Beyond Heating and Cooling today. Let’s get your new heating system installed before winter really hits.