Are you starting to feel the winter chill already? If you need to warm up, Beyond Heating and Cooling can sort out Reservoir heating systems for your home or office before winter really starts.

The type of heating system you use in your home or office will depend on a variety of issues: the set up of your home or office, your budget, and what you actually require. Below, we outline some heating system options that may work for your home or office.

Reservoir Heating System Options

Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems

Reverse cycle ducted systems are a great choice if you are looking to heat and cool various rooms and zones of your home or office. With a touch of a button, you can heat (or cool) the room you are working or relaxing in, while not needing to worry about wasting electricity on heating the rooms you aren’t using. These systems can be set up on a timer, and offer minimal aesthetic disruption – instead of bulky overheads, you simply have vents in the ceiling.

Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Reverse cycle split systems are popular for homes particularly where you may not have the room, or the budget, for a ducted system. There are two types of reverse cycle systems – single head units or multi-head units. Designed for individual rooms, these systems can help save on running costs. They have a 24 hour programmable timer, and are easily turned on and off with a remote. Single head units are perfect for smaller properties or homes or offices where you just need to heat and cool the one room. A multi-head unit allows you to run more than one reverse cycle system on just the one outdoor unit, saving space and money.

Gas Ducted Heating

For when you need heating only, a gas ducted heating system may be the way to go. These systems use natural gas instead of electricity and give you the option of zoning, so you can switch on, and off, rooms as you need them. If you want to choose a gas option but need cooling, talk to us about our add-on cooling system.

When you need Reservoir heating systems for your home or office, call the team at Beyond Heating and Cooling. We’ll get you sorted with the best heating system to suit your needs and your budget.