Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

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Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air-conditioning refers to a model that has both heating and cooling functions. A reverse-cycle model is able to cool or heat one or more adjoining rooms. This refers to refrigeration being able to change through a series of processes from hot to cold.

How does reverse cycle air-conditioning work?

The reverse cycle system works on some basic properties, essentially the pump pushes heat from one location to another. To heat your home or office, a reverse-cycle system extracts heat from the outside air, even when its very cold outside, and draws it inside. Cold refrigerant, is then passed through an external coil, absorbing heat from the outside air. This refrigerant is then pumped by a compressor (or pump), down through copper tubing and into a condenser. As the refrigerant is compressed, it warms up. The hot air that results is then pushed by a fan, out into the one or many rooms of your home or office, warming the area. Once this cycle is completed, the refrigerant flows through an evaporator to cool it down before being pumped back into the condenser and then repeats’ the cycle again. When this cycle or process is reversed, cold air is then blown into your home instead of warm therefore cooling you down on hot summer days.

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