Winter is quickly on it’s way and now is the time to look at ducted heating systems for your home. While reverse cycle air conditioners are much cheaper to install, only a ducted heating system will allow you to heat your entire home. Even better, a zoned heating system allows you to only heat the rooms you need, but still use just the one system.

There are plenty of ducted heating systems on the market, so how do you go about choosing the correct one for your home?

Choosing Ducted Heating Systems

Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is the main thing that draws a homeowner to one system or another. It is best to know what type of system you want and whether you want to be able to heat individual rooms or the whole house. Look for systems with a 4 star or more energy rating.

Cost Effective

Gas ducted heating systems tend to heat a room very quickly. By utilising a zoned system, you can save money by just heating the rooms you need to. When it’s time to go to bed or snuggle down with a movie, it’s easy enough, and quick enough, to heat the room you are moving into.

Installation Options

Unlike other systems that can only be installed in specific places, the gas ducted heating system can be installed outside, in the roof space, under the floor or almost anywhere else.

Streamlined Look

Reverse cycle systems require you to place the head system inside on a wall, often detracting from the overall look of your home. A benefit of a gas ducted heating system is that you often don’t notice the ducting vents that bring heat to the room.

The Correct Size

It is important that you install the correct size ducted system for your home. Too small and you won’t get the benefits, whereas too big and you’ll end up paying more than you need to. The team at Beyond Heating and Cooling can help ensure you get the correct system for your home and your needs.

Ducted systems often add value to your home. If you are considering selling in the coming years, you may like to take this into consideration when deciding between heating systems. To help you make the right decision, call the team at Beyond Heating and Cooling for your free quote.