We may not even be halfway through winter but now is the perfect time to consider repairing or servicing your air conditioner. Why? Because come summer, lots of people realise or suddenly remember that their air conditioner isn’t working correctly.  There are plenty of preventative maintenance and air conditioning repairs you can do now to save you money in the long run.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance to do in Winter

Clean or Replace Filters

Surprisingly cleaning the air conditioning filters are forgotten by many homeowners. You don’t tend to open the front of your air conditioner, so typically don’t see if they are dirty and dusty. Clean filters help ensure better air quality as well as helping your system work more efficiently. In turn, this saves you money on your power bill. If done regularly, cleaning the filters will take nothing more than a quick wipe over or dust.

Regular General Clean

If you’ve been running your air conditioner all summer, now is the perfect time to give it a clean. Turning the power off, take a clean cloth and give the system a wipe over, including the louver. Once done inside, clean any bird droppings, dust, dirt, leaves and the like off your outside unit. It is best to keep your outside unit clear of gardening debris to ensure better running. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the clean yourself, organising an air conditioning service and clean with a professional air conditioning company is a good option.

Keep the Temperature Down

Yes, we know it’s winter and we know it’s cold, but running your air conditioner on too high of a temperature can result in not only high power bills but also cause the system to run inefficiently. The optimum temperature is 21-22 degrees, and when it’s single digit temperature outside, this should keep your family sufficiently warm.

Replace Broken Systems

If your air conditioner is broken or it isn’t economical to repair, contact the team at Beyond Heating and Cooling. We will arrange a time to inspect your home and make suggestions on the best cooling and heating options to suit your home layout and budget.

Don’t wait until summer to replace, repair or maintain your air conditioner. Get your winter air conditioning repairs done now and save time and money before the hot weather hits.